Player Management

Creating a New Player

To begin playing you'll have to register yourself with a username and password by clicking on New Player in the game front page.

You must read the rules of the game before registering, as you'll have to correctly answer a set of questions concerning them before you are allowed to play. Then, fill in the username of your choice, your name and your preferred password twice. The allowable formats of the fields are displayed next to the textbox. Click Create when you're ready. You'll be informed if your registration is successful. If it is not, check that you've filled out the forms and answered the questions correctly.

Note: your name and nickname cannot be changed without creating a completely new player (and losing your score); so be careful when filling the form!

Once created you cannot remove your player. If you do not want to use your player simply stop using it; there is no need to notify the game administrator. Players which have not been used for some time are removed automatically.

When a new player is created no other new player may be created in the following 20 minutes. New players must also wait 1 hour before they can join their first game. These are safety measures against malicious persons trying to flood the game with bogus players.

Player Settings

Once you've created a player and have signed in you'll be directed to this page. If you already have a company playing a game, you are automatically taken to the scenario information page instead; to access this page use any of the Player Settings links.

To change any player settings make the changes in the respective fields and press Apply player settings. The various settings are:

Password: Type a new password. The password appears in plain letters, so make sure no one is around. As the note says, you will be signed out after a successful change. You can then sign back in immediately.

Vote scenario: The scenario played in subsequent games is selected, most of the time, by players. When a game is won, the votes of the players in that particular game are evaluated and a new scenario is loaded accordingly. Abstain means your vote is ignored.

Friend nickname: (important!) As the game rules state, you are only allowed to have one player. This is to prevent cheating and to divide the limited space between as many people as possible. A maximum of two players are allowed to play from the same computer. In this case both players must set each other as their friend by typing the nickname of their friend player in the box. This assures both players are not mistakenly banned from the game.

Side menu bar: This checkbox enables or disables the side menu bar, which contains shortcut links to all the company management pages. A screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 is recommended or the bar may be more of a hindrance than help. To make sure the bar appears or disappears as soon as possible after modifying the setting consider signing out and back in.

Page colour scheme: It's possible to select a different colour scheme for the pages instead of the default blue scheme. This may be helpful especially if you have problems with your colour vision.

Creating a New Company

New companies are also created from this page. If you do not have a company a form for creating one appears at the bottom of the page.

The first element in the form is a drop-down menu, where you can choose the game to join. Some games may not be available if they are already full of players or the game's alliance rules forbid you from joining. It is not possible to join the same game as your friend player, unless you both are members of the same alliance.

Company name is simply the full name of your company. This can also be changed mid-game if you wish. Abbreviation is the shortened form of your company name. Livery is the colour scheme of your company. Both the abbreviation and livery cannot be changed once the company has been created.

The livery colour is in six-character hexadecimal notation. If you are unfamiliar with the notation there is a grid of sample colours with the respective colour codes. You can also leave the livery field blank and your company livery will be selected at random.

Finally press Create company to have the company created; and start playing. Note: to access the company main information page, use the link at the bottom of the page. The link button appears once your company is successfully created.

Removing and Renaming Your Company

If you already have a company, the company creation form is replaced by a smaller form; as shown in the image below. To change your company's name, type the new name in the name field and press Apply company settings.

You cannot remove your company from a game until it is at least 16 game days old. This is to prevent people from changing or restarting games many times in a short period of time. To remove your company, simply press Remove my company.