Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions that commonly come to mind while playing the game. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask at the TOCgame Message Board.

Q: Why do my trains constantly break down? I keep losing reputation!

A: To reduce the chances of a train breaking down, consider hiring more fitters. Purchase trains with higher reliability, as they tend to break down less often. It is also advisable to operate services with multiple units coupling in pairs (or more). Services not running at full length cause you to lose less reputation than being completely cancelled.

Q: Why are my trains always running at a loss?

A: The best bet is to check the Service Management page. If loadings are very low, your fares are probably too high. If loadings are too high (over 100%), your fares may be too low. Compare your fares with your competitors' from the Network Map.

Q: Why are my trains always late?

A: Try adding more slack to the templates. The time of year and track maintenance also affect how much services are late.

Q: How much should I charge from passengers and cargo suppliers?

A: Passenger service fares always depend on the scenario. A good guess for the British mainline scenarios is around £10 or £1 for London Underground. Freight fares are displayed in the contracts page.

Q: What affects my reputation among passengers?

A: If you have crowded trains, passengers will not like it and vice versa. In some scenarios stopping trains are considered good service and therefore affect your reputation positively. Cancelled or late services obviously irritate passengers. They also find a high number of different fares annoying because of the complexity.

Q: What affects my reputation among cargo suppliers?

A: You'll get positive reputation steadily by simply fulfilling the contracts. If you fail to transport the required amount of cargo when the grace period is over, you'll lose reputation.

Q: I've calculated the sum of my profits and costs, and the figures don't seem to match up!

A: Remember to subtract the following from your services' income: depot costs, advertising costs, staff costs loan interests and incidental costs (e.g. train repairs).

Q: My service was cancelled for stock shortage although the requirements show I have enough trains!

Q: My service was run although the requirements show I have not enough trains!

Q: My service was cancelled for staff shortage although the requirements show I have enough staff!

Q: My service was run although the requirements show I have not enough staff!

A: The requirements may be overestimated or underestimated if you have complex routes and templates, or if services are late.

Q: How does the player scoring work?

A: The minimum score is always nil, so the score cannot become negative. When you create a new company, 25 points are subtracted from your score. When the game where you are playing is won, score is added by the formula: Rep.P + 0.5 * Rep.F + Company value / Win value * 100, where the reputation sum is clamped between -100 and 100. Notice that you can lose score. If you are a member of an alliance, your personal score gain is halved.

Q: How does the alliance scoring work?

A: Alliance scoring works in the same way as player scoring, but there are some differences. The company creation score penalty is only calculated once, so when members start companies in a game, only the first company causes the 25 points to be subtracted. If members join two different games, the penalty is divided by two on the second time. If yet another member joins a different game than the first two, the division is by three. When a game is won, the score calculation is based on the common value and reputation of the alliance, divided by the number of different games the members have joined.

Q: How are the alliance value and reputations calculated?

A: Every game day the alliance value is increased or decreased by the average company value change of all members in that game during that day. This means that alliance value cannot be instantly boosted by acquiring or removing members. The reputations are increased or decreased in the same way. In addition all member companies have their reputations slightly shifted towards the alliance reputations.

Q: I've some ideas/suggestions/help to offer.

A: Post your thoughts on the Message Board in the appropriate thread. TOCgame would not be in its current shape without help and contributions from the players.

Q: Can you add the loco/wagon/MU XXX to the game?

A: No, unless it differs greatly from the other available units.

Q: Can you add scenario XXX to the game?

A: Possibly, but a better way is to do it yourself! See the Message Board for more instructions.

Q: I logged in only to find myself banned!

A: Banning only occurs if a person is found to have more than one player or is cheating. If you believe you have been banned in error, email the game author for assistance.

Q: I've found a possible bug in the game.

A: Post a bug report on the Message Board. The author checks it regularly and will fix any bugs reported there. However, if the bug is serious and can be exploited for cheating, it is best to email the author instead.