Company Information


The Company Information page is your centre of operations. On the right is a table of links to other management pages. The same pages can be accessed from the menu bar on the left, if you have it enabled: the side menu.

Some relevant information about your company is presented to the left of the links. The bottom-right corner of the page shows a graph of your recent daily profits, the last day being the top row.


Below the company information is a list of news specifically concerning your company. The news items are grouped by game date; the most recent at the top. Within a game day, the items are in chronological order, from first event of the day to the last. Typical items include:

  • Train repair and breakdown reports
  • Notifications of late services
  • Notifications of cancelled services
  • Reports on insufficient resources
  • Contract status reports
  • Strike warnings

If the news list gets too cluttered, you can empty it from the Clear news button.


The toolbar near the top of the page contains a drop-down menu for choosing one of the four preset advertisement expenditures. The cost is for one day. Advertising attracts more people using your services, so the more services you have, the more useful it is. Confirm the selected advertisement level by pressing Apply.


At the top of the page there is also a box for applying loan. Simply type in the amount of loan you wish to apply for, and press Apply. The maximum obtainable loan is displayed next to the box, with the interest rate as well. The interest is not monthly, but per day.

If you have outstanding loans another toolbar appears. This toolbar allows you to repay your loan completely or partially. The Repay loan automatically is a handy feature if you are not able to attend to your company often. When auto loan repay is on your company will repay as much of your loan as possible every game day, using all the cash you have at hand. Provided that your company makes profit, the loan will eventually be completely repaid automatically.

If at any time your cash balance turns negative this negative balance will automatically be converted to a loan. If this causes the loan value to exceed the maximum allowable your company may be removed from the game without advance warning.