Alliance Management


People have a tendency of forming groups to gain some advantage. Alliances were first set up when TOCgame v3 was running. The superiority of well-lead alliances over individuals caused some players to leave TOCgame. Built-in support for alliances with some extra rules were added in v4. The alliance concept, especially scoring, has been revised in v5.

Joining an alliance may be helpful for a TOCgame beginner, as members will likely share information on useful tactics etc. The revised scoring system of v5 requires well-managed co-operation among alliance members if they wish to aim for high alliance score.

You can access the Alliance controls page regardless of whether or not you have a company.

Joining an Alliance

If you are not already a member of an alliance, the Alliance controls page appears as shown in the image below. You can apply for membership of an existing alliance by selecting it from the drop-down menu and clicking Join alliance. You are then moved in the nominee list of the particular alliance and will be accepted or rejected by the alliance chairman in due course. It is not possible to join more than one alliance at a time, so if you select another one, you will be removed from the nominee list of the earlier alliance. To cancel a join request select None from the list and click Join alliance.

Forming an Alliance

Simply type the alliance name in the textbox and press Form alliance. The allowed characters for the name are letters and digits.

Resigning from Alliance

If you are a member of an alliance there is a Resign from alliance button at the bottom of the page. Clicking it will immediately remove you from the alliance.

Alliance Message Board

Each alliance has a small simple message board where members can exchange instructions or give directions. New messages can be added to the board by typing the message in the respective box and pressing Add message. The message can only contain lower-case letters, digits and some special characters. The message board size is around 1000 characters: old messages are removed partially or completely when new messages are added. The most recent message is displayed first.

Alliance Member Management

The image below shows the page for the chairman of the alliance. For other members the list of nominees is not shown and the members list does not have the links for e.g. kicking a member out of the alliance.

The chairman can remove unwanted members by pressing the Kick link of the respective member. The member is forced to resign immediately.

The chairman can also make some other member of the alliance the chairman from the Make chairman link. Note: there can only be one chairman in an alliance. If you make someone else the chairman, you will lose your chairman's rights.

Nominees can be accepted as members from the nominees list through the Accept link. The Reject link removes the nominee from the list. Note: this doesn't stop the player from trying to join the alliance again.