Mostly written, designed and drawn by Oskari Saarekas

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Special thanks to

Peter Bennetfor instructions, testing, scenarios: East Anglia, Great Western, Intercity, London, Midlands, Pennines, Scotland, Southeast, Wales, trainset data: ic1970, ic2000, uk1970, LUL, additional uk2000 data, numerous train images for UK train sets and design help
Maarten Ottofor hosting the game gratis from mid 2010, Greater London scenario and trainset, Dutch instructions, testing
Juhani Pirttilahtifor hosting the game gratis till mid 2010, testing and for making the Finland scenario and Finnish train set

Thanks to

Andrew AllwrightGreat Western 2000 scenario data and map assistance, Southeast data assistance
David Burttesting
Peter Connelltesting
Stephen Crosstesting
Mailer Diabloold message board, original instructions
Stephen Heelisvarious scenario data, CL156 and HST images, testing
Matthieu Landaismap images design, LU-train images, assistance in page design
Christopher Liutesting
Vincent Middlebroughvarious scenario data
NineoNineNorthern, Iberia and Northeast USA scenarios and trainsets
Joshim Nuradditional London scenario design, testing
Dave Oforitesting
Chris Permantesting
Gary Potternew message board, testing
Kevin Rowesidebar photos
Charles Sherratttesting
Jamie Steeluk1950 trainset data, additional ic2000 trainset data, testing
Morgan Tyremantesting
Colin Weiradditional Scotland scenario design
Chan YuWest Midlands and Midlands scenarios, scenario editor
Paul Zuczkowskitesting
Thanks for help with the previous versions: Alan Bloomfield, Nigel Broder, Russell Burgess, Zoltán Connell, João Encarnado, Gareth Hale, Jussi Holm, Tom Irvin, Pap Dávid István, Marcus Kerr, Ben Martill, Hugh Pettingell, Shane Roberts and Philip So. And thanks to all above and others for ideas and support.


TOCgame was first opened in mid-July 2002. The first scenario, Pennines, was won in 10.08.2002 by Matt Lacey. The second version of the game was introduced in late autumn/early winter 2002. Continuous minor development took place in the spring 2003, and the game was given the version number three in the summer. The fourth version was opened in 22.02.2004. Work on the fifth version commenced in October 2004 and finished over a year later, in January 2006. The sixth version was tested during the late summer of 2007 and subsequently opened later in the autumn.