Authors' rights

  • Some material within the game is copyrighted. You're not allowed to redistribute or use such material presented on the web pages, other than for your very private non-commercial use, without asking the main author first. In case of material created or modified by several authors, you will be instructed to ask permission from the original author to obtain the original unmodified work. Ask for permission first before you start doing anything with the material. If you want to take screenshots and present them somewhere, please make sure they have information of where they were taken from.
  • The author is not responsible for any direct or indirect physical or mental damage to you or your equipment. Play at your own risk.
  • The author has the right to have a full control of the game, e.g. sign in with your password, remove your company, reset a scenario or remove the whole game without warning in advance.
  • The author has the right to change these rules at any time without advance warning, and (in the end) it's up to the user to notice any changes.

Players' rights

  • This game is free in the sense that you don't have to pay anyone to be allowed to play it.

Rules of conduct

  • You are only allowed to create one player and you must be at least 10 years old to create one.
  • A maximum of two players may play from the same computer. If you are suspected of having multiple players, you may be banned without advance warning.
  • When two players are playing from the same computer, both players must choose each other as their "friend" in the player settings. Otherwise both players are considered to be created by the same person and may result in banning.
  • Same rules apply to the game message board as to any other proper message board. SHOUTING, abusive language, flaming, mocking of other people or similar stupid behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • If you are to co-operate with another player(s) in the game in terms of sharing operated routes, timetables or such, with aim to reduce competition among the players involved, or aiming to hinder the profits of another company, the co-operation must be formalized by creating an alliance. In short, cartels are forbidden.
  • Alliance members may not share passwords and sign in to each others' accounts.
  • Please report any odd behaviour and bugs of the game to the author. If the bug allows cheating of some kind, report it to the author using a private message, so that the bug will not be exploited by other players.
  • Any detected attempts of trying to crack or break the game will cause you to get banned.

Security and privacy

  • Don't tell your nickname and password to anyone. The game administrator knows the nicknames and passwords without asking, so don't believe it if someone claims to be the administrator and asks for your password.
  • Do not distribute any important personal information within the game (your address etc.) Also invent an entirely new password for your account. Do not for instance use your internet service provider password.
  • Everyone can see your company's name, abbreviation and your player name, so your password shouldn't be any (or part) of these. Your surname for example isn't a very good choice for password. If your password is too simple or easily guessed by anyone knowing you well, your company may be abused (there have been cases!).

Technical aspects and requirements

  • This game should work with fairly new versions of the most common browsers, although the pages may not be displayed correctly with some. The author has primarily used Mozilla Firefox for testing, so this browser will likely show the most faithful representation of the pages.
  • Cookies must be enabled and accepted from the server in order to play this game.
  • Caching may cause problems because the pages change content quite often. If you don't see any change on a page which obviously should look different, try reloading the page. Some pages may take several seconds to display because of the workload on the server. In such case please wait patiently for half a minute before trying to reload the page.
  • Using your browser's "back" and "forward" functions can speed up the page changes, but may present outdated information. If you're unsure about the effects, please use the links on the pages instead.