TOCgame v6 Instructions Manual

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Managing your company

Game mechanics

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Thank you for showing interest in TOCgame. These instructions explain the basics of the game, along with some more detailed information. For even more information, please create an account on the TOCgame Message Board, and post your questions there.

TOCgame is about managing a train operating company (TOC) in a friendly competition against other human controlled train companies. The game is not a program, but a set of dynamic web pages, so you'll need an Internet connection and a browser to play it.

TOCgame is divided in several arenas, where a certain number of players may compete with each other in an environment defined by a scenario. A scenario consists of a network map, train set and a set of rules, which provide the framework and restrictions for train operations. To win a scenario, you must make profit more quickly than your rivals and come up with a good winning tactics, which vary between scenarios. Most of the current scenarios and trains are about Great Britain, but the game supports other countries as well.

The quick start instructions are recommended for the impatient.

Note: all of the illustrations are from version 5. Some pages and controls have been changed since, so some of the images may be slightly inaccurate.